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AFSCME Local 1653 represents aproximately 2,000 FAA Headquarters Employees physically located all over the United States.  These include Headquarters Employees of General Counsel's Office, Airports, Aviation Safety, Civil Rights, NextGen, Commercial Space Transportation, Office of the Administrator, Office of Communications, International Affairs, and other Headquarters Employees (regardless of physical location).  We do not represent managers, employees who have certain security duties, employees whom have a confidential role with management, and whom are otherwise excluded by the Federal Labor Relations Authority.


We represent both Union Members (dues payers) and Bargaining Unit Employees (non-dues payers) in grievance matters, negotiations over workplace changes, rules, and working conditions, and in contract negotiations.  Union Members (dues payers) have the right to vote on union proposals, contracts, officers, delegates, and trustees, and run for union office.  Having a vote in matters of union governance and leadership is an exclusive benefit of Union Membership.

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Putting it all together?  AFSCME International's website has a variety of resources, information, and current news.


Forms & Resources

Looking for the contract, sign-up/dues witholding forms (SF-1187), grievance forms and other resources?


Know your rights!


Have you found yourself being questioned by management or brought in for a disciplinary investigation and you don't know what to do?  Know your Weingarten Rights and ask for a steward!


Your Right to Union Representation


"If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or

terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully

request that my union representative, officer, or steward be present

at this meeting.


Without union representation, I choose not to answer questions."


This is your right under the 1975 US Supreme Court Weingarten decision


Generally you have the right to have a union representative present (if you ask for one) for any formal management meeting with you, any investigation or investigative questioning, whether you are the target of the investigation or merely a witness, for any EEO matter, as a complaintant, the accused, or as a witness, during a random or management directed reasonable suspicion drug screening and for any discussion, meeting, or questining that may affect your working conditions or you reasonably believe may result in discipline or termination.


Remember... anything you want to say to a manager, you can say with a union represenative present.  Protect yourself!  If managment offers you the opportunity to call a union rep, do it, because you need it!



Jim Kabbara 

(202) 267-0190


Executive Vice President 


(202) 267-0189


AGC Vice President

Beth Weir 

(202) 267-0410


ATO Vice President 

Ibrahim Hussein  

(202) 267-9932


AVS Vice President

Moin Abulhosn  

(202) 267-8571



Lizett Culley 

(202) 267-8098



Sharon Long

(202) 267-3473



Tom Waters /  AGC

(202) 267-7845


Win Battle  /  ATO






Each of these officers is also a steward

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