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Want to join the union? You need to fill out a SF-1187. In the top section, fill out all portions, except enter only the last 4 of your SSAN, ignore the timekeeper number, and include your home phone/email if you want the union to be able to contact you in a government shutdown situation.

You can print out the form, sign, scan, and send to the union president, or you can digitally sign the form using your PIV card. Union dues are .65% of your biweekly gross pay (about 1/2 hour of pay per 80 hour pay period).
Adobe Acrobat document [24.2 KB]
Current AFSCME Contract - 2014
This is the current contract between AFSCME Local 1653 and the FAA.
Adobe Acrobat document [925.6 KB]
AFSCME Grievance Form
This grievance form contains all the required elements listed in the contract. Every section MUST be filled out or the grievance may be dismissed for failing to comply with the contractual requirements. For assistance, contact a steward.
AFSCME Grievance.doc
Microsoft Word document [450.5 KB]



Jim Kabbara 

(202) 267-0190


Executive Vice President 


(202) 267-0189


AGC Vice President

Beth Weir 

(202) 267-0410


ATO Vice President 

Ibrahim Hussein  

(202) 267-9932


AVS Vice President

Moin Abulhosn  

(202) 267-8571



Lizett Culley 

(202) 267-8098



Sharon Long

(202) 267-3473



Tom Waters /  AGC

(202) 267-7845


Win Battle  /  ATO






Each of these officers is also a steward

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