AFSCME Local 1653
AFSCME Local 1653

How to Find Us


We are in the A sub-level of FOB 10B across from the Air & Space Museum, on the far west end of the building.  The union occupies rooms AW1100, the union conference room and office of the Executive Vice President, , and AW1101, the office of the President, Greg Maund.


Since we are often in meetings at one of the FAA's Headquarters Buildings or meeting with members and BUEs at the workplaces and we do not have a receptionist, we recommend calling ahead or emailing to ensure that there is someone able to meet with you.




Greg Maund

(202) 267-0189


Executive Vice President




ATO Vice President

Joe DeDonatis

(202) 267-2783


AVS Vice President

Moin Abulhosn

(202) 267-8571


AGC Vice President

Terry Dempsey

(202) 267-3174



Ibrahim Hussein

(202) 267-9972



Sharon Long

(202) 267-3473



Lizette Culley

(202) 267-8098



Beth Weir

(202) 267-0410


Each of these officers is also a steward

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A Local 1653 Facebook page will soon be up and running!

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